Top Prize Money for eSports Games

Electronic sports or eSports is currently a growing field that is starting to gain a lot of commercial attention. The eSports industry is all about mutiplayer team gaming. Honestly, most people are not even aware that the field of eSports even exists. However, more people are starting to recognize its presence. One of the biggest reasons why eSports games have become so popular has to do with the amount of prize money that participants can win when they compete in tournaments.

Million Dollar Video Game Competitions

The prize money for eSport games is astounding. Competitors can win as much as $25 million dollars for some gaming events. That’s right! A small team of five people can literally win millions of dollars by just playing video games. While this might sound appealing to the average slacker that wants to spend their life in a video game fantasy world; the truth is that many people who play for this amount of money train hard for many years. So, the vast majority of these players (and teams) take gaming seriously because there is a lot at stake.


Who Funds these Tournaments?

Most eSports tournaments are funded by video game companies, developers and other sponsors who are able to generate revenue from an event. In reality, most eSport sponsors use crowdfunding to raise prize money for tournaments. Keep in mind that the world of gaming is huge and if a company has a title that is able to attract millions of people each month, chances are that organization will be able to raise the money that it needs to sponsor events.

Players typically provide funding to specific eSports by setting up an account for a particular title and playing the the game everyday. Many video game companies provide daily players with certain prizes and rewards for donating money for tournament events. Think about this. A game such as League of Legends (LoL) has over 27 million people logging in to play everyday. If all of those people donated at least one dollar toward a tournament competition, that would easily generate $27 million dollars toward this purpose. This is basically how many companies raise the money for tournaments otherwise they generate it though the sale of merchandise and services related to their video game titles.

What eSports has the Biggest Earnings?

As of 2015, the most dominating eSport in the world is League of Legends. This particular eSport has been known to generate huge payouts for teams. As mentioned, one of the biggest payouts in the eSports is has been a staggering $25 million dollars and this money comes from LoL. Other gaming titles that are big in this sport include Starcraft II, Smite, DOTA 2 and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Teams who compete in gaming events that are really popular can expect to earn at least one million dollars just by winning. The smaller tournaments are around $150,000 and this is even a good payout for a team of five people.

As long as companies and fans are willing to support eSport tournament events, there will always be large purse for teams to win. The bottom line is that eSports are steadily growing and becoming a credible professional sporting profession. The players are real, the money is very good and there are literally millions of fans tuning in to watch the action.